Tairyo is a new brand which is fully concentrated on High quality and professional level rod, in 2011-2012, Tairyo is going to make full range of Nano (CNT) rods.

CNT is called Carbon Nano Tube, which is the king of Nano Particle.The key technology is handled by French institute of Aero space. The molecule in question was discovered in 1991 by S. Ljima and has aroused many interests in academic and industrial applications.

The materials of CNT has very outstanding physical properties and super high strength,as an example with Steel, 100 times stronger than steel but 6 times lighter. Its tensile strength is 150Gpa, carbon fiber tensile strength is Max 5Gpa, CNT is 30 times stronger than IM7 Carbon Fiber.

The Key technology is how to make the CNT dispense steady in composite materials, that is our Nano in and honey comb rod know-how. Nanoledge France, the first company handing Nano-in worldwide patent and making the first success in CNT dispersion into Epoxy resin, announced to work exclusively with Taiyo China rod factory to develop CNT rod program from January 2008. In the beginning time, we had many problems to adopt CNT materials into rod blank, the connection between CNT and carbon fiber was not bonded easily and caused many of our time and cost in the test process, after many failures, we finally achieved ideal feature in first generation, which has called Nano-in and Honey Comb rod construction. That is 2010 Tairyo Nano Speed program.

What are Nano Speed special feature improvement:
* Transverse Bending Tensile Stress.
* Axial Compression Tensile Strength.
* Compression Resistance.
* As we all know that when we use fishing rods, the points which can cause the fracture come from three different directions: transverse, axial, and the side which is perpendicular to the plane of the rods. What Nano-in can do is to improve the resistance of the three directions and the most important thing is to make the best balance among them so the rods show you the best performance.
* Crack Propagation Resistance
* The layers fix very closely to make the damage reduce to the minimum.
* Homogeneity.
* The quality difference among rods will become very small. You can expect the best quality of all the fishing rods with Nano.
* Flexibility; Fatigue resistance.
* Deformation amount will be greatly decreased while the fatigue will also remain at a strong level.
* Shock resistance.
* Both the shock resistance and the stiffness will greatly improved.

To be easy understanding in short, Nano-in can bring 30% higher strength of lifting power and light weight with better balance than regular carbon rod, hardly to break. If the accident or wrong usage causes rods breakage, Nano-in blank will not have the explosion to avoid sharpen edge, it is safer for anglers.

In AFTA show 2011, Tairyo has new presentation of Nano Speed Plus series, which we called 2nd generation of Nano-in rod. More durable and stronger construction, with Fuji Sic-Tangle Free guides, woven 3 axial to reinforce butt section and reduce blank twist. Fashion cosmetics and valuable price.

We wish you have pleasant fishing and enjoy using our Nano Rod.